Low-complexity Distributed Tomographic Backprojection for large datasets

Gilberto Martinez Jr., Janito V. Ferreira Filho, Eduardo X. Miqueles
Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS)/ CNPEM, Campinas, SP, Brazil
arXiv:1704.08364 [cs.DC], (26 Apr 2017)


   title={Low-complexity Distributed Tomographic Backprojection for large datasets},

   author={., Gilberto Martinez Jr and Filho, Janito V. Ferreira and Miqueles, Eduardo X.},






In this manuscript we present a fast GPU implementation for tomographic reconstruction of large datasets using data obtained at the Brazilian synchrotron light source. The algorithm is distributed in a cluster with 4 GPUs through a fast pipeline implemented in C programming language. Our algorithm is theoretically based on a recently discovered low complexity formula, computing the total volume within O(N3logN) floating point operations; much less than traditional algorithms that operates with O(N4) flops over an input data of size O(N3). The results obtained with real data indicate that a reconstruction can be achieved within 1 second provided the data is transferred completely to the memory.
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