Scalar collapse in AdS with an OpenCL open source code

Steven L. Liebling, Gaurav Khanna
Long Island University, Brookville, New York 11548, USA
arXiv:1706.07413 [gr-qc], (22 Jun 2017)


   title={Scalar collapse in AdS with an OpenCL open source code},

   author={Liebling, Steven L. and Khanna, Gaurav},






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We study the spherically symmetric collapse of a scalar field in anti-de Sitter spacetime using a newly constructed, open-source code which parallelizes over heterogeneous architectures using the open standard OpenCL. An open question for this scenario concerns how to tell, a priori, whether some form of initial data will be stable or will instead develop under the turbulent instability into a black hole in the limit of vanishing amplitude. Previous work suggested the existence of islands of stability around quasiperiodic solutions, and we use this new code to examine the stability properties of approximately quasiperiodic solutions which balance energy transfer to higher modes with energy transfer to lower modes. The evolutions provide some evidence, though not conclusively, for stability of initial data sufficiently close to quasiperiodic solutions.
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