Computation of gray-level co-occurrence matrix based on CUDA and its optimization

Huichao Hong, Lixin Zheng, Shuwan Pan
Engineering Research Center of Industrial Intelligent Technology and Systems of Fujian Providence College of Engineering, Huaqiao University, Quanzhou, China
arXiv:1710.06189 [cs.PF], (17 Oct 2017)


   title={Computation of gray-level co-occurrence matrix based on CUDA and its optimization},

   author={Hong, Huichao and Zheng, Lixin and Pan, Shuwan},






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As in various fields like scientific research and industrial application, the computation time optimization is becoming a task that is of increasing importance because of its highly parallel architecture. The graphics processing unit is regarded as a powerful engine for application programs that demand fairly high computation capabilities. Based on this, an algorithm was introduced in this paper to optimize the method used to compute the gray-level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM) of an image, and strategies (e.g., "copying", "image partitioning", etc.) were proposed to optimize the parallel algorithm. Results indicate that without losing the computational accuracy, the speed-up ratio of the GLCM computation of images with different resolutions by GPU by the use of CUDA was 50 times faster than that of the GLCM computation by CPU, which manifested significantly improved performance.
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