Hydra: a C++11 framework for data analysis in massively parallel platforms

A. A. Alves Junior, M. D. Sokoloff
Physics Department, University of Cincinnati, 400 Geology/Physics Building PO Box 210011 Cincinnati, OH 45221-0011 United States
arXiv:1711.05683 [cs.MS], (15 Nov 2017)


   title={Hydra: a C++11 framework for data analysis in massively parallel platforms},

   author={Junior, A. A. Alves and Sokoloff, M. D.},






Hydra is a header-only, templated and C++11-compliant framework designed to perform the typical bottleneck calculations found in common HEP data analyses on massively parallel platforms. The framework is implemented on top of the C++11 Standard Library and a variadic version of the Thrust library and is designed to run on Linux systems, using OpenMP, CUDA and TBB enabled devices. This contribution summarizes the main features of Hydra. A basic description of the overall design, functionality and user interface is provided, along with some code examples and measurements of performance.
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