A Survey of Techniques for Improving Security of Non-volatile Memories

Sparsh Mittal, Ahmed Alsalibi
IIT Hyderabad
Journal of Hardware and Systems Security, 2018







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Due to their high density and near-zero leakage power consumption, non-volatile memories (NVMs) are promising candidates for designing future memory systems. However, compared to conventional memories, NVMs also face more-severe security threats, e.g., the limited write endurance of NVMs makes them vulnerable to write-attacks. Also, the non-volatility of NVMs allows the data to persist even after power-off, which can be accessed by a malicious agent. Further, encryption endangers NVM lifetime and performance by reducing the efficacy of redundant-write avoidance techniques. In this paper, we present a survey of techniques for improving security of NVM-based memories by addressing the aforementioned challenges. We highlight the key ideas of the techniques along with their similarities and differences. This paper is expected to be useful for researchers and practitioners in the area of memory and system security.
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