MyCaffe: A Complete C# Re-Write of Caffe with Reinforcement Learning

David W. Brown
SignalPop LLC.
arXiv:1810.02272 [cs.NE], (4 Oct 2018)


   title={MyCaffe: A Complete C# Re-Write of Caffe with Reinforcement Learning},

   author={Brown, David W.},






Over the past few years Caffe, from Berkeley AI Research, has gained a strong following in the deep learning community with over 15K forks on the github.com/BLVC/Caffe site. With its well organized, very modular C++ design it is easy to work with and very fast. However, in the world of Windows development, C# has helped accelerate development with many of the enhancements that it offers over C++, such as garbage collection, a very rich .NET programming framework and easy database access via Entity Frameworks. So how can a C# developer use the advances of C# to take full advantage of the benefits offered by the Berkeley Caffe deep learning system? The answer is the fully open source, ‘MyCaffe’ for Windows .NET programmers. MyCaffe is an open source, complete C# language re-write of Berkeley’s Caffe. This article describes the general architecture of MyCaffe including the newly added MyCaffeTrainerRL for Reinforcement Learning. In addition, this article discusses how MyCaffe closely follows the C++ Caffe, while talking efficiently to the low level NVIDIA CUDA hardware to offer a high performance, highly programmable deep learning system for Windows .NET programmers.
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