Interoperable GPU Kernels as Latency Improver for MEC

Juuso Haavisto, Jukka Riekki
Center for Ubiquitous Computing, University of Oulu
arXiv:2001.09352 [cs.DC], (25 Jan 2020)


   title={Interoperable GPU Kernels as Latency Improver for MEC},

   author={Juuso Haavisto and Jukka Riekki},






Mixed reality (MR) applications are expected to become common when 5G goes mainstream. However, the latency requirements are challenging to meet due to the resources required by video-based remoting of graphics, that is, decoding video codecs. We propose an approach towards tackling this challenge: a client-server implementation for transacting intermediate representation (IR) between a mobile UE and a MEC server instead of video codecs and this way avoiding video decoding. We demonstrate the ability to address latency bottlenecks on edge computing workloads that transact graphics. We select SPIR-V compatible GPU kernels as the intermediate representation. Our approach requires know-how in GPU architecture and GPU domain-specific languages (DSLs), but compared to video-based edge graphics, it decreases UE device delay by sevenfold. Further, we find that due to low cold-start times on both UEs and MEC servers, application migration can happen in milliseconds. We imply that graphics-based location-aware applications, such as MR, can benefit from this kind of approach.
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