A GPU-based light hierarchy for real-time approximate illumination

Hyunwoo Ki, Kyoungsu Oh
The Visual Computer, Vol. 24, No. 7-9. (July 2008), pp. 649-658


   title={A gpu-based light hierarchy for real-time approximate illumination},

   author={Ki, H. and Oh, K.},

   journal={The Visual Computer},








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Illumination rendering including environment lighting, indirect illumination, and subsurface scattering plays for many graphics applications such as games and VR systems. However, it is dificult to run in real-time due to its highly computational cost. We introduce a GPU-based light hierarchy for real-time approximation of the illumination. We store virtual point lights in images and then build the view-independent hierarchy of the lights into image pyramids, with a simple and rapid clustering strategy. We approximate the illumination with small numbers of groups of lights instead of large numbers of individual lights, using a new tree traversal algorithm on programmable graphics hardware. Although we implemented our method without occlusion, we obtained visually-good results in many cases. Entire steps run on programmable graphics hardware in real-time without any preprocessing.
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