MKPipe: A Compiler Framework for Optimizing Multi-Kernel Workloads in OpenCL for FPGA

Ji Liu, Abdullah-Al Kafi, Xipeng Shen, Huiyang Zhou
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina
arXiv:2002.01614 [cs.DC], (5 Feb 2020)


   title={MKPipe: A Compiler Framework for Optimizing Multi-Kernel Workloads in OpenCL for FPGA},

   author={Ji Liu and Abdullah-Al Kafi and Xipeng Shen and Huiyang Zhou},






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OpenCL for FPGA enables developers to design FPGAs using a programming model similar for processors. Recent works have shown that code optimization at the OpenCL level is important to achieve high computational efficiency. However, existing works either focus primarily on optimizing single kernels or solely depend on channels to design multi-kernel pipelines. In this paper, we propose a source-to-source compiler framework, MKPipe, for optimizing multi-kernel workloads in OpenCL for FPGA. Besides channels, we propose new schemes to enable multi-kernel pipelines. Our optimizing compiler employs a systematic approach to explore the tradeoffs of these optimizations methods. To enable more efficient overlapping between kernel execution, we also propose a novel workitem/workgroup-id remapping technique. Furthermore, we propose new algorithms for throughput balancing and resource balancing to tune the optimizations upon individual kernels in the multi-kernel workloads. Our results show that our compiler-optimized multi-kernels achieve up to 3.6x (1.4x on average) speedup over the baseline, in which the kernels have already been optimized individually.
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