Unsupervised Deep Learning of Incompressible Fluid Dynamics

Nils Wandel, Michael Weinmann, Reinhard Klein
Department of Computer Science, University of Bonn
arXiv:2006.08762 [cs.LG], (15 Jun 2020)


   title={Unsupervised Deep Learning of Incompressible Fluid Dynamics},

   author={Nils Wandel and Michael Weinmann and Reinhard Klein},






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Fast and stable fluid simulations are an essential prerequisite for applications ranging from computer aided aerodynamic design of automobiles or airplanes to simulations of physical effects in CGI to research in meteorology. Recent differentiable fluid simulations allow gradient based methods to optimize e.g. fluid control systems in an informed manner. Solving the partial differential equations governed by the dynamics of the underlying physical systems, however, is a challenging task and current numerical approximation schemes still come at high computational costs. In this work, we propose an unsupervised framework that allows powerful deep neural networks to learn the dynamics of incompressible fluids end to end on a grid-based representation. For this purpose, we introduce a loss function that penalizes residuals of the incompressible Navier Stokes equations. After training, the framework yields models that are capable of fast and differentiable fluid simulations and can handle various fluid phenomena such as the Magnus effect and Kármán vortex streets. Besides demonstrating its real-time capability on a GPU, we exploit our approach in a control optimization scenario.
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