EasyPBR: A Lightweight Physically-Based Renderer

Radu Alexandru Rosu, Sven Behnke
Autonomous Intelligent Systems, University of Bonn, Germany
arXiv:2012.03325 [cs.GR], (6 Dec 2020)


   title={EasyPBR: A Lightweight Physically-Based Renderer},

   author={Radu Alexandru Rosu and Sven Behnke},






Modern rendering libraries provide unprecedented realism, producing real-time photorealistic 3D graphics on commodity hardware. Visual fidelity, however, comes at the cost of increased complexity and difficulty of usage, with many rendering parameters requiring a deep understanding of the pipeline. We propose EasyPBR as an alternative rendering library that strikes a balance between ease-of-use and visual quality. EasyPBR consists of a deferred renderer that implements recent state-of-the-art approaches in physically based rendering. It offers an easy-to-use Python and C++ interface that allows high-quality images to be created in only a few lines of code or directly through a graphical user interface. The user can choose between fully controlling the rendering pipeline or letting EasyPBR automatically infer the best parameters based on the current scene composition. The EasyPBR library can help the community to more easily leverage the power of current GPUs to create realistic images. These can then be used as synthetic data for deep learning or for creating animations for academic purposes.
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