An OpenCL-Based FPGA Accelerator for Faster R-CNN

Jianjing An, Dezheng Zhang, Ke Xu, Dong Wang
Institute of Information Science, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing 100044, China
Entropy, Volume 24, Issue 10, 2022


   title={An OpenCL-Based FPGA Accelerator for Faster R-CNN},

   author={An, Jianjing and Zhang, Dezheng and Xu, Ke and Wang, Dong},






   publisher={Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute}


In recent years, convolutional neural network (CNN)-based object detection algorithms have made breakthroughs, and much of the research corresponds to hardware accelerator designs. Although many previous works have proposed efficient FPGA designs for one-stage detectors such as Yolo, there are still few accelerator designs for faster regions with CNN features (Faster R-CNN) algorithms. Moreover, CNN’s inherently high computational complexity and high memory complexity bring challenges to the design of efficient accelerators. This paper proposes a software-hardware co-design scheme based on OpenCL to implement a Faster R-CNN object detection algorithm on FPGA. First, we design an efficient, deep pipelined FPGA hardware accelerator that can implement Faster R-CNN algorithms for different backbone networks. Then, an optimized hardware-aware software algorithm was proposed, including fixed-point quantization, layer fusion, and a multi-batch Regions of interest (RoIs) detector. Finally, we present an end-to-end design space exploration scheme to comprehensively evaluate the performance and resource utilization of the proposed accelerator. Experimental results show that the proposed design achieves a peak throughput of 846.9 GOP/s at the working frequency of 172 MHz. Compared with the state-of-the-art Faster R-CNN accelerator and the one-stage YOLO accelerator, our method achieves 10× and 2.1× inference throughput improvements, respectively.
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