SIMULATeQCD: A simple multi-GPU lattice code for QCD calculations

Lukas Mazur, Dennis Bollweg, David A. Clarke, Luis Altenkort, Olaf Kaczmarek, Rasmus Larsen, Hai-Tao Shu, Jishnu Goswami, Philipp Scior, Hauke Sandmeyer, Marius Neumann, Henrik Dick, Sajid Ali, Jangho Kim, Christian Schmidt, Peter Petreczky, Swagato Mukherjee
HotQCD collaboration
arXiv:2306.01098 [hep-lat], (1 Jun 2023)


   title={SIMULATeQCD: A simple multi-GPU lattice code for QCD calculations},

   author={Lukas Mazur and Dennis Bollweg and David A. Clarke and Luis Altenkort and Olaf Kaczmarek and Rasmus Larsen and Hai-Tao Shu and Jishnu Goswami and Philipp Scior and Hauke Sandmeyer and Marius Neumann and Henrik Dick and Sajid Ali and Jangho Kim and Christian Schmidt and Peter Petreczky and Swagato Mukherjee},






The rise of exascale supercomputers has fueled competition among GPU vendors, driving lattice QCD developers to write code that supports multiple APIs. Moreover, new developments in algorithms and physics research require frequent updates to existing software. These challenges have to be balanced against constantly changing personnel. At the same time, there is a wide range of applications for HISQ fermions in QCD studies. This situation encourages the development of software featuring a HISQ action that is flexible, high-performing, open source, easy to use, and easy to adapt. In this technical paper, we explain the design strategy, provide implementation details, list available algorithms and modules, and show key performance indicators for SIMULATeQCD, a simple multi-GPU lattice code for large-scale QCD calculations, mainly developed and used by the HotQCD collaboration. The code is publicly available on GitHub.
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