Workload Scheduling on Heterogeneous Devices

Harsh Khetawat, Frank Mueller
Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University
39th International Conference (ISC High Performance), 2024


   title={Workload Scheduling on Heterogeneous Devices},

   author={Khetawat, Harsh and Mueller, Frank},

   booktitle={ISC High Performance 2024 Research Paper Proceedings (39th International Conference)},



   organization={Prometeus GmbH}


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Hardware accelerators have become the backbone of many cloud and HPC workloads, but workloads tend to statically choose accelerators leaving devices unused while others are oversubscribed. We propose a holistic framework that allows a computational kernel to span across multiple devices on a node, as well as multiple applications being scheduled on the same node. Our work sharing and co-scheduling framework allows kernels to be migrated between devices, expand to span more devices, or contract to fewer devices. The scheduler can make these decisions dynamically based on a pluggable scheduling algorithm in order to optimize for different objectives, e.g., job throughput, job priorities or some hybrid. Experiments on a CPU+GPU+FPGA platform indicate speedups of 2.26X over different applications and up to 1.25X for co-scheduled workloads over baselines. Besides performance, a major contribution of our work lies in ease of programmability with a single code base compiled and runtime controlled across three vastly different execution devices.
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