Supercharging Federated Learning with Flower and NVIDIA FLARE

Holger R. Roth, Daniel J. Beutel, Yan Cheng, Javier Fernandez Marques, Heng Pan, Chester Chen, Zhihong Zhang, Yuhong Wen, Sean Yang, Isaac (Te-Chung)Yang, Yuan-Ting Hsieh, Ziyue Xu, Daguang Xu, Nicholas D. Lane, Andrew Feng
NVIDIA Corporation
arXiv:2407.00031 [cs.DC], (21 May 2024)


   title={Supercharging Federated Learning with Flower and NVIDIA FLARE},

   author={Holger R. Roth and Daniel J. Beutel and Yan Cheng and Javier Fernandez Marques and Heng Pan and Chester Chen and Zhihong Zhang and Yuhong Wen and Sean Yang and Isaac and Yang and Yuan-Ting Hsieh and Ziyue Xu and Daguang Xu and Nicholas D. Lane and Andrew Feng},







Several open-source systems, such as Flower and NVIDIA FLARE, have been developed in recent years while focusing on different aspects of federated learning (FL). Flower is dedicated to implementing a cohesive approach to FL, analytics, and evaluation. Over time, Flower has cultivated extensive strategies and algorithms tailored for FL application development, fostering a vibrant FL community in research and industry. Conversely, FLARE has prioritized the creation of an enterprise-ready, resilient runtime environment explicitly designed for FL applications in production environments. In this paper, we describe our initial integration of both frameworks and show how they can work together to supercharge the FL ecosystem as a whole. Through the seamless integration of Flower and FLARE, applications crafted within the Flower framework can effortlessly operate within the FLARE runtime environment without necessitating any modifications. This initial integration streamlines the process, eliminating complexities and ensuring smooth interoperability between the two platforms, thus enhancing the overall efficiency and accessibility of FL applications.
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