A Case Study for Petascale Applications in Astrophysics: Simulating Gamma-Ray Bursts

C. D. Ott, E. Schnetter, G. Allen, E. Seidel, J. Tao, B. Zink
Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA
15th ACM Mardi Gras conference, 2008


   title={A case study for petascale applications in astrophysics: simulating gamma-ray bursts},

   author={Ott, C.D. and Schnetter, E. and Allen, G. and Seidel, E. and Tao, J. and Zink, B.},

   booktitle={Proceedings of the 15th ACM Mardi Gras conference: From lightweight mash-ups to lambda grids: Understanding the spectrum of distributed computing requirements, applications, tools, infrastructures, interoperability, and the incremental adoption of key capabilities},





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Petascale computing will allow astrophysicists to investigate astrophysical objects, systems, and events that cannot be studied by current observational means and that were previously excluded from computational study by sheer lack of CPU power and appropriate codes. Here we present a pragmatic case study, focussing on the simulation of gamma-ray bursts as a science driver for petascale computing. We estimate the computational requirements for such simulations and delineate in what way petascale and peta-grid computing can be utilized in this context.
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