Benchmarking GPU and CPU codes for Heisenberg spin glass overrelaxation

M. Bernaschi, G. Parisi, L. Parisi
Istituto Applicazioni Calcolo, CNR, Viale Manzoni, 30 – 00185 Rome, Italy
Computer Physics Communications (03 March 2011)


   title={“Benchmarking GPU and CPU codes for Heisenberg spin glass overrelaxation”},

   journal={“Computer Physics Communications”},









   author={“M.Bernaschi and G.Parisi and L.Parisi”},



Source Source   Source codes Source codes





We present a set of possible implementations for Graphics Processing Units (GPU) of the Overrelaxation technique applied to the 3D Heisenberg spin glass model. The results show that a carefully tuned code can achieve more than 100 GFlops/sec. of sustained performance and update a single spin in about 0.6 nanoseconds. A multi-hit technique that exploits the GPU shared memory further reduces this time. Such results are compared with those obtained by means of a highly-tuned vector-parallel code on latest generation multi-core CPUs.
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