Evaluation Framework for GPU Performance Based on OpenCL Standard

M. Jurecko, J. Kocisova, J. Busa, T. Kasanicky, M. Domiter, M. Zvada
FURT Solutions, s.r.o., Kosice, Slovakia
First International Conference on Networking and Computing (ICNC), 2010


   author={Martin Jurecko and Jana Kocisova and Jan Busa Jr. and Tomas Kasanicky and Marek Domiter and Marian Zvada},

   title={Evaluation Framework for GPU Performance Based on OpenCL Standard},

   journal={International Conference on Natural Computation},






   publisher={IEEE Computer Society},

   address={Los Alamitos, CA, USA}


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There are many projects focused on performance measurements of GPUs but there is no unifying test framework that could be used for evaluating generic floating point intensive applications. This work describes the testing suite for evaluating GPUs that measures raw performance and numerical precision of a subset of OpenCL operations, and analyzes results obtained from several commonly available high-end GPUs.
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