Accelerating BP Neural Network-Based Image Compression by CPU and GPU Cooperation

Jinxian Lin, Jianghong Lin
Network Inf. Center, Fuzhou Univ., Fuzhou, China
International Conference on Multimedia Technology (ICMT), 2010


   title={Accelerating BP Neural Network-Based Image Compression by CPU and GPU Cooperation},

   author={Lin, J. and Lin, J.},

   booktitle={Multimedia Technology (ICMT), 2010 International Conference on},




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Recently, GPU has evolved into a highly parallel, multithreading, many core processor with tremendous computational capability and very high memory bandwidth. At the same time, multi-core CPU evolution continued and today’s CPUs have 4-8 cores which offer dramatically increased performance and power savings characteristics. We are aware of very few works that consider both devices cooperating to solve general computations. The article tries to bring forward a method of similar master/ worker GPU-CPU cooperative computing to improve efficiency of Back-Propagation neural network-based image compression application even further than using either device independently.
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