Accelerated polyhedral visual hulls using OpenCL

Tobias Duckworth, David J. Roberts
University of Salford, Manchester, UK
IEEE Virtual Reality Conference (VR), 2011

@article{title={{Accelerated polyhedral visual hulls using OpenCL}},

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We present a method for reconstruction of the visual hull (VH) of an object in real-time from multiple video streams. A state of the art polyhedral reconstruction algorithm is accelerated by implementing it for parallel execution on a multi-core graphics processor (GPU). The time taken to reconstruct the VH is measured for both the accelerated and non-accelerated implementations of the algorithm, over a range of image resolutions and number of cameras. The results presented are of relevance to researchers in the field of 3D reconstruction at interactive frame rates (real-time), for applications such as telepresence.
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