Using Commodity Graphics Hardware for Real-Time Digital Hologram View-Reconstruction

Lukas Ahrenberg, Andrew J. Page, Bryan M. Hennelly, John B. McDonald, Thomas J. Naughton
Department of Computer Science, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Journal of Display Technology, 2009


   title={Using commodity graphics hardware for real-time digital hologram view-reconstruction},

   author={Ahrenberg, L. and Page, A.J. and Hennelly, B.M. and McDonald, J.B. and Naughton, T.J.},

   journal={Display Technology, Journal of},







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View-reconstruction and display is an important part of many applications in digital holography such as computer vision and microscopy. Thus far, this has been an offline procedure for megapixel sized holograms. This paper introduces an implementation of real-time view-reconstruction using programmable graphics hardware. The theory of Fresnel-based view-reconstruction is introduced, after which an implementation using stream programming is presented. Two different fast Fourier transform (FFT)-based reconstruction methods are implemented, as well as two different FFT strategies. The efficiency of the methods is evaluated and compared to a CPU-based implementation, providing over 100 times speedup for a hologram size of 2048 times 2048.
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