nGFSIM: A GPU-based fault simulator for 1-to-n detection and its applications

Huawei Li, Dawen Xu, Yinhe Han, Kwang-Ting Cheng, Xiaowei Li
Key Laboratory of Computer System and Architecture, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
IEEE International Test Conference (ITC), 2010


   title={nGFSIM: A GPU-Based Fault Simulator for 1-to-n Detection and its Applications},

   author={Li, H. and Xu, D. and Han, Y. and Cheng, K.T. and Li, X.},

   booktitle={IEEE International Test Conference (ITC), 2010},



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We present nGFSIM, a GPU-based fault simulator for stuck-at faults which can report the fault coverage of one-to n-detection for any specified integer n using only a single run of fault simulation. nGFSIM, which explores the massive parallelism in the GPU architecture and optimizes the memory access and usage, enables accelerated fault simulation without the need of fault dropping. We show that nGFSIM offers a 25X speedup in comparison with a commercial tool and enables new applications in test selection.
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