A training roadmap for new HPC users

Mark Richards, Scott Lathrop
National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Urbana, IL
Proceedings of the 2011 TeraGrid Conference: Extreme Digital Discovery, TG ’11, 2011


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   address={New York, NY, USA},

   keywords={education, training}


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Many new users of TeraGrid or other HPC resources are scientists or other domain experts by training and are not necessarily familiar with core principles, practices, and resources within the HPC community. As a result, they often make inefficient use of their own time and effort and of the computing resources as well. In this work, we present a training roadmap for new members of the HPC community. These new users benefit from a basic understanding of the the key concepts, technologies, and tools outlined in the roadmap, even if they are not required to develop immediate proficiency in all of them. In addition to providing a brief overview of a wide variety of topics, the roadmap includes links and pointers to numerous resources that users can refer to for their own training as the need arises.
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