Accelerating image recognition on mobile devices using GPGPU

Miguel Bordallo Lopez, Henri Nykanen, Jari Hannuksela, Olli Silven, Markku Vehvilainen
Machine Vision Group, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland
Parallel Processing for Imaging Applications, Proc. SPIE, Volume 7872, 78720R, 2011


   title={Accelerating image recognition on mobile devices using GPGPU},

   author={L{‘o}pez, M.B. and Nyk{\"a}nen, H. and Hannuksela, J. and Silv{‘e}n, O. and Vehvil{\"a}inen, M.},

   booktitle={Proceedings of SPIE},





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The future multi-modal user interfaces of battery-powered mobile devices are expected to require computationally costly image analysis techniques. The use of Graphic Processing Units for computing is very well suited for parallel processing and the addition of programmable stages and high precision arithmetic provide for opportunities to implement energy-efficient complete algorithms. At the moment the first mobile graphics accelerators with programmable pipelines are available, enabling the GPGPU implementation of several image processing algorithms. In this context, we consider a face tracking approach that uses efficient gray-scale invariant texture features and boosting. The solution is based on the Local Binary Pattern (LBP) features and makes use of the GPU on the pre-processing and feature extraction phase. We have implemented a series of image processing techniques in the shader language of OpenGL ES 2.0, compiled them for a mobile graphics processing unit and performed tests on a mobile application processor platform (OMAP3530). In our contribution, we describe the challenges of designing on a mobile platform, present the performance achieved and provide measurement results for the actual power consumption in comparison to using the CPU (ARM) on the same platform.
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