Using GPUs to Accelerate Installed Antenna Performance Simulations

Tod Courtney, John E. Stone, Bob Kipp
Delcross Technologies, Champaign, IL 61821
Antenna Applications Symposium, 2011



   author={Courtney, T. and Stone, J.E. and Kipp, B.},



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Savant is a asymptotic ray-tracing CEM tool used to predict the performance of antennas installed on electrically large platforms, including far-field antenna patterns, near-field distributions, and antenna-to-antenna coupling. Savant is based on the shooting and bouncing rays (SBR) formulation. While asymptotic solvers like Savant have significantly smaller computational and memory requirements for electrically large problems than full-wave techniques, the computation costs still increase significantly with frequency and simulation fidelity, and such solvers benefit greatly from parallelization techniques. Graphics processing units (GPUs) are throughput-oriented processing devices that are well suited for the mathematically intensive workloads found in CEM solvers. Current GPUs contain hundreds of processing units, leverage thousands of threads, and can execute over one trillion floating-point operations per second. A hybrid CPU and GPU parallelization approach has been developed for Savant, providing significant speedups compared to CPU-only implementations. Results from the execution of GPU-accelerated Savant on multiple case studies will be presented.
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