A translator framework for Dynamic Programming problems

Alejandro Acosta, Francisco Almeida, Ignacio Pelaez
Universidad de La Laguna
XXII Jornadas de Paralelismo (JP2011), 2011


   title={A translator framework for Dynamic Programming problems},

   author={Acosta, A. and Almeida, F. and Pel{‘a}ez, I.},



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The advent of multicore systems, joined to the potential acceleration of the graphics processing units, has given us a low cost computation capability unprecedented. The new systems alleviate some well known important architectural problems at the expense of a considerable increment of the programmability wall. The heterogeneity, both at architectural and programming level at the same time, raises the programming difficulties. As a contribution in this context, we propose a development methodology for the automatic source-to-source transformation on specific domains. This methodology is successfully instantiated as a framework to solve Dynamic Programming problems. As a result of applying our framework, the end user (a physicist, a mathematician or a biologist) can express her problem through a latex equation and automatically derive efficient parallel codes for current homogeneous or heterogeneous architectures. The approach allows an easy portability to new potential emergent architectures.
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