Support Operator Rupture Dynamics on GPU

Shenyi Song, Yichen Zhou, Tingxing Dong, David A. Yuen
Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 55455, USA
University of Minnesota Supercomputing, Institute Research Report UMSI 2011/26, 2011


   title={Support Operator Rupture Dynamics on GPU},

   author={Song, S. and Zhou, Y. and Dong, T. and Yuen, D.A.},



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The method of Support Operator (SOM) is a numerical method to simulate seismic wave propagation by solving the three dimension vsicoelastic equations. Its implementation, the Support Operator Rupture Dynamics (SORD) has been proved to be highly scalable in large-scale multi-processors calulations. This paper discusses accelarating SORD using on GPU using NVIDIA CUDA C. Compared to its original version on CPU, we have acrhieved a maximum 12.8X speed-up.
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