Collision-Driven Volumetric Deformation on the GPU

G. Aldrich, D. Pinskiy, B. Hamann
G. Aldrich, D. Pinskiy, B. Hamann


   title={Collision-Driven Volumetric Deformation on the GPU},

   author={Aldrich, G. and Pinskiy, D. and Hamann, B.},



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We present a novel parallel algorithm to animate the deformation of a soft body in response to collision. Our algorithm incorporates elements of physically-based methods, and at the same time, it allows artistic control of general deformation behavior. Our solver has important benefits for practical use, such as evaluation of animation frames in an arbitrary order, effective approximation of volume preservation, and stability under large deformations. To deform production-complexity data at interactive rates, we leverage the computational power of modern GPUs. In our solution we propose a specialized, CUDA-based framework for the efficient access and update of mesh structures.
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