Research and Application of Parallel Computing Technologies based on CUDA and OpenCL

Xiangyun Liao, Zhiyong Yuan, Weixin Si, Zhaoliang Duan, Ruixue Mao, Jianhui Zhao
School of Computer, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, China
Journal of Convergence Information Technology (JCIT), Vol. 6, No. 6, pp. 25 – 37, 2011


   title={Research and Application of Parallel Computing Technologies based on CUDA and OpenCL},

   author={Liao, Xiangyun and Yuan, Zhiyong and Si, Weixin and Duan, Zhaoliang and Mao, Ruixue and Zhao, Jianhui},

   journal={Journal of Convergence Information Technology (JCIT)},





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The increased computational performance in science and engineering has led to the strong need for arithmetic intensive parallel computing, CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) and OpenCL (Open Computing Language) are parallel computing technologies proposed in recent years, which both have a great expanse of application prospect in the field of high performance computing. In this paper, we discuss the parallel computing technologies based on CUDA and OpenCL by applying them on the smoking simulation based on real-time physics. Real-time physics requires high real-time quality and authenticity. We build the 3D smoking simulation model using the Computational Fluid Dynamics method and render the smoke using 3D texture volume rendering method to represent the 3D smoking simulation veridical and accurately. In order to ensure the real-time quality of 3D smoking simulation, we respectively adopt CUDA and OpenCL parallel computing technologies applied on different hardware platforms, achieving the solving of 3D smoking simulation in parallel. Experimental results show that compared with CPU serial programming, CUDA and OpenCL parallel computing technologies have predominant operability and inevitable efficiency advantages on arithmetic intensive parallel computing.
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