Monte Carlo Modeling of Electron Transport Using CUDA Technology

Mikhail E. Zhukovskiy, Gerd-Ruediger Jaenisch, Andreas Deresch, Roman V. Uskov
Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics of RAS, Moscow, Russia
18th World Conference on Nondestructive Testing, 2012


   title={Monte Carlo Modeling of Electron Transport Using CUDA Technology},

   author={Mikhail, E.Z. and JAENISCH, G.R. and DERESCH, A. and USKOV, R.V.},



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Statistical algorithms are presented for modeling the interaction processes between electrons and matter. A software implementation has been developed for hybrid supercomputers making use of NVIDIA CUDA technology. Standard Monte Carlo schemes are modified for effectively exploiting the parallel computing capabilities of graphical processors. The model of individual collisions (MIC) is used to describe the interaction of electrons with atoms. This model does not include the approximations assumed in multiple collision theory or the continuous slow down approach with the Landau theory for energy-loss fluctuations. The distributions of electron characteristics are obtained from tabulated electron cross section data. The examples discussed in this paper demonstrate the applicability of the algorithms to investigating the interaction of electrons with X-ray tube targets producing Bremsstrahlung. The proposed technique can be used for mathematical modeling in radiography.
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