Fast Collision Culling in Large-Scale Environments Using GPU Mapping Function

Quentin Avril, Valerie Gouranton, Bruno Arnaldi
University of Rennes 1
ACM Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization (EGPGV’12), 2012



   editor={H. Childs and T. Kuhlen},


   booktitle={ACM Eurographic Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Vizualisation (EGPGV’12 proceedings)},

   title={Fast Collision Culling in Large-Scale Environments Using GPU Mapping Function},

   author={Avril, Quentin and Gouranton, Val’erie and Arnaldi, Bruno}


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This paper presents a novel and efficient GPU-based parallel algorithm to cull non-colliding object pairs in very large-scale dynamic simulations. It allows to cull objects in less than 25ms with more than 100K objects. It is designed for many-core GPU and fully exploits multi-threaded capabilities and data-parallelism. In order to take advantage of the high number of cores, a new mapping function is defined that enables GPU threads to determine the objects pair to compute without any global memory access. These new optimized GPU kernel functions use the thread indexes and turn them into a unique pair of objects to test. A square root approximation technique is used based on Newton’s estimation, enabling the threads to only perform a few atomic operations. A first characterization of the approximation errors is presented, enabling the fixing of incorrect computations. The I/O GPU streams are optimized using binary masks. The implementation and evaluation is made on largescale dynamic rigid body simulations. The increase in speed is highlighted over other recently proposed CPU and GPU-based techniques. The comparison shows that our system is, in most cases, faster than previous approaches.
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