Medusa: Simplified Graph Processing on GPUs

Jianlong Zhong, Bingsheng He
School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 639798
Nanyang Technological University, Technical Report, 2012


   title={Medusa: Simplified Graph Processing on GPUs},

   author={Zhong, J. and He, B.},



Graphs are the de facto data structures for many applications, and efficient graph processing is a must for the application performance. Recently, the graphics processing unit (GPU) has been adopted to accelerate various graph processing algorithms such as BFS and shortest path. However, it is difficult to write correct and efficient GPU programs and even more difficult for graph processing due to the irregularities of graph structures. To simplify graph processing on GPUs, we propose a programming framework called Medusa which enables developers to leverage the capabilities of GPUs by writing sequential C/C++ code. Medusa offers a small set of user-defined APIs, and embraces a runtime system to automatically execute those APIs in parallel on the GPU. We develop a series of graph-centric optimizations based on the architecture features of GPU for efficiency. Additionally, Medusa is extended to execute on multiple GPUs within a machine. Our experiments show that (1) Medusa greatly simplifies implementation of GPGPU programs for graph processing, with much fewer lines of source code written by developers; (2) The optimization techniques significantly improve the performance of the runtime system, making its performance comparable with or better than the manually tuned GPU graph operations.
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