Computer Vision Application in Graphic Processors

Chouchene Marwa, Sayadi Fatma, Tourki Rached
Laboratory of Electronics and Microelectronics (EmuE), Faculty of Sciences Monastir, Tunisia
The 2012 International Conference on Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition (IPCV’12), 2012


   title={Computer Vision Application in Graphic Processors},

   author={Marwa, C. and Fatma, S. and Rached, T.},



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Largely driven by the gaming industry, research and development of hardware tools for the generation of images, such as graphics cards (or GPU, Graphics Processing Units), experienced a tremendous growth in recent years. The increased power and flexibility and the low price of these GPUs have resulted in unexpected use in areas other than graphics. This misuse is called GPGPU, General Purpose computation on GPU or Generic Programming on GPU. In other words, the image processing algorithms treat in the general case each pixel independently. It is therefore can render the treatment of all pixels in parallel. That’s why; we can use graphics cards because they are capable of performing a large number of times the same function in parallel and therefore acceleration simulation. Our goal is to provide a simulation tool for fast image processing algorithms.
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