Impact of GPU Memory Access Patterns on FDTD

Matthew Livesey, James F. Stack Jr., Fumie Costenz, Takeshi Nanri, Norimasa Nakashima, Seiji Fujino
Accenture, Bailey Lane, Manchester, M21 9HE, UK
Remcom, 2012


   title={Impact of GPU Memory Access Patterns on FDTD},

   author={Livesey, M. and Stack Jr, J.F. and Costen, F. and Nanri, T. and Nakashima, N. and Fujino, S.},



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The application of General Purpose computing on a GPU is an effective way to accelerate the FDTD method. This work explores the different domain decomposition techniques from the literature and extends the theoretically best approach with additional flexibility. We examine the performance on both Tesla and Fermi architecture GPUs and identify the best way to determine the GPU parameters for the proposed method.
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