Load Balanced Parallel GPU Out-of-Core for Continuous LOD Model Visualization

Chao Peng, Peng Mi, Yong Cao
Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia 24060
The 7th International Workshop on Ultrascale Visualization (UltraVis), 2012


   title={Load Balanced Parallel GPU Out-of-Core for Continuous LOD Model Visualization},

   author={Peng, C. and Mi, P. and Cao, Y.},



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Rendering massive 3D models has been recognized as a challenging task. Due to the limited size of GPU memory, a massive model containing hundreds of millions of primitives cannot fit into most of modern GPUs. By applying parallel levelof-detail (LOD), as proposed in [1], only a portion of primitives instead of the whole are necessary to be streamed to the GPU. However, the low bandwidth in CPU-GPU communication is still the major bottleneck that prevents users from achieving highperformance rendering of massive 3D models on a single-GPU system. This paper explores a device-level parallel design that distributes the workloads for both GPU out-of-core and LOD processing in a multi-GPU multi-display system. Our multi-GPU out-of-core takes advantages of a load-balancing method and seamlessly integrates with the parallel LOD algorithm. By using frame-to-frame coherence, the overhead of data transferring is significantly reduced on each GPU. Our experiments show a highly interactive visualization of the "Boeing 777" airplane model that consists of over 332 million triangles and over 223 million vertices.
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