Real-Time Hair Simulation and Rendering with OpenCL and OpenGL

Mathieu Le Muzic
University of Dublin, Trinity College
University of Dublin, 2012


   title={Real-Time Hair Simulation and Rendering with OpenCL and OpenGL},

   author={Le Muzic, M.},



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In computer graphics, human hair simulation represents a challenging issue, and is still an active research subject nowadays. The problem comprises two complementary dimensions: the physical simulation and the rendering. While both aspects must be treated individually for each strand, they must also be treated globally due to interactions between hair strands. Because of the complexity of the hair, a large number of strands must be taken into account in order to achieve realistic results. In such conditions, processing may be difficult, especially in real-time. This is why most of interactive implementations now rely on GPU parallel computing, for performance gains. This project presents a real-time hair simulation application, which executes in parallel on the GPU using OpenCL for the physical simulation and OpenGL for the rendering.
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