Facial Recognition Using Neural Networks over GPGPU

Juan Pablo Balarini, Sergio Nesmachnow, Martin Rodriguez
Universidad de la Republica, Facultad de Ingenieria, Montevideo, Uruguay, 11300
CLEI Electronic Journal, Volume 15, Number 3, Paper 6, 2012


   title={Facial Recognition Using Neural Networks over GPGPU},

   author={Balarini, J.P. and Nesmachnow, S. and Rodr{‘i}guez, M.},






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This article introduces a parallel neural network approach implemented over Graphic Processing Units (GPU) to solve a facial recognition problem, which consists in deciding where the face of a person in a certain image is pointing. The proposed method uses the parallel capabilities of GPU in order to train and evaluate a neural network used to solve the abovementioned problem. The experimental evaluation demonstrates that a significant reduction on computing times can be obtained allowing solving large instances in reasonable time. Speedup greater than 8 is achieved when contrasted with a sequential implementation and classification rate superior to 85 % is also obtained.
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