Large Scale Physical Modeling Sound Synthesis

Stefan Bilbao, Brian Hamilton, Alberto Torin and Craig Webb, Paul Graham, Alan Gray, Kostas Kavoussanakis, James Perry
Acoustics Group, University of Edinburgh
Stockholm Musical Acoustics Conference/Sound and Music Computing Conference, 2013


   title={Large Scale Physical Modeling Sound Synthesis},

   author={Bilbao, Stefan and Hamilton, Brian and Torin, Alberto and Webb, Craig and Graham, Paul and Gray, Alan and Kavoussanakis, Kostas and Perry, James},



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Sound synthesis based on physical models of musical instruments is, ultimately, an exercise in numerical simulation. As such, for complex systems of the type seen in musical acoustics, simulation can be a computationally costly undertaking, particularly if simplifying hypotheses, such as those of traveling wave or mode decompositions are not employed. In this paper, large scale time stepping methods, such as the finite difference time domain and finite volume time domain methods are explored for a variety of systems of interest in musical acoustics, including brass instruments, percussion instruments based on thin plate and shell vibration, and also their embeddings in 3D acoustic spaces. Attention is paid here to implementation issues, particularly on parallel hardware, which is well-suited to time stepping methods operating over regular grids. Sound examples are presented.
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