Cropped Quad-Tree Based Solid Object Colouring with CUDA

Abdullah Cavusoglu, Baha Sen, Caner Ozcan, Salih Gorgunoglu
Department of Computer Engineering, Yildirim Beyazit University, Ankara, Turkey
Mathematical and Computational Applications, Vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 301-312, 2013



   author={c{C}}avu{c{s}}o{u{g}}lu, Abdullah and {c{S}}en, Baha and {"O}zcan, Caner and G{"o}rg{"u}no{u{g}}lu, Salih},

   journal={Mathematical and Computational Applications},






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In this study, surfaces of solid objects are coloured with Cropped Quad-Tree method utilizing GPU computing optimization. There are numerous methods used in solid object colouring. When the studies carried out in different fields are taken into consideration, it is seen that quad-tree method displays a prominent position in terms of speed and performance. Cropped quad-tree is obtained as a result of the developments seen with the frequent use of this method in the field of computer sciences. Two different versions of algorithm which operate recursively on CPU and at the same time which use GPU computing optimization are used in this study. Besides, OpenGL is used for graphics drawing process. Within the setting of the study, results are obtained via CPU and GPU’s, at first using Quad-Tree method and then Cropped Quad-Tree method. It is observed that GPU computing is obviously faster than CPU computing and Cropped Quad-Tree method produces rapid results compared to Quad-Tree method as a result of performance. GPU computing method boosted approximately performance by up to 20 times compared to only CPU usage; furthermore, cropped quad-tree method boosted approximately performance of algorithm by up to 25 times on average dependent on screen and object size.
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