A Multi-GPU Sources Reconstruction Method for Imaging Applications

Miguel Lopez-Portugues, Yuri Alvarez, Jesus A. Lopez-Fernandez, Cebrian Garcia, Rafael G. Ayestaran, Fernando Las-Heras
Universidad de Oviedo, Area de Teoria de la Senal y Comunicaciones, Campus Universitario, Edificio Polivalente, Gijon 33203, Spain
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 136, 703-724, 2013



   author={L{‘o}pez-Portugu{‘e}s, M. and Alvarez, Y. and L{‘o}pez-Fern{‘a}ndez, J.A. and Garc{i}a, C. and Ayestar{‘a}n, R.G. and Las-Heras, F.},



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A profile reconstruction method using a surface inverse currents technique implemented on GPU is presented. The method makes use of the internal fields radiated by an equivalent currents distribution retrieved from scattered field information that is collected from multiple incident fields. Its main advantage over other inverse source-based techniques is the use of surface formulation for the inverse problem, which reduces the problem dimensionality thus decreasing the computational cost. In addition, the GPU implementation drastically reduces the calculation time, enabling the development of real time and accurate geometry reconstruction at a low cost.
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