Exploiting Heterogeneous Systems: Keccak on OpenCL

Allan Mariano de Souza, Fabio Dacencio Pereira, Edward David Moreno
Department of Computer Science/COMPSI,University Center Euripides of Marilia, Marilia, Brazil
The 2013 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed, Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA’13), 2013


   title={Exploiting Heterogeneous Systems: Keccak on OpenCL},

   author={de Souza, Allan Mariano and Pereira, F{‘a}bio Dac{^e}ncio and Moreno, Edward David},



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Using graphics processing units (GPUs) in high-performance parallel computing continues to become more prevalent, often as part of a heterogeneous system. CUDA and OpenCL are APIs and enables programmers to developer GPGPU applications and softwares to massively parallel processors. In October 2, 2012, NIST announced the winner of its five-year competition to select a new cryptographic hash algorithm, one of the fundamental tools of modern information security. This work is proposed to explore the winner algorithm of the SHA-3 competition, the Keccak, and subsequently implement the propose heterogeneous platform architecture on OpenCL with intuit to obtain performance data. Finally, will be compared OpenCL implementation of keccak with CPU and GPU execution.
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