Real Time KAP Systems for Image Enhancement/Reconstruction of Remote Sensing Imagery

A. Castillo Atoche, O. Palma Marrufo, R. Quijano Cetina, A. Espinosa-Romero, M. Maya Mendez
Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan, Campus de Ciencias Exactas e Ingenierias, Merida, Mexico
Conference on Electronics, Telecommunications and Computers (CETC), 2013


   title={Real Time KAP Systems for Image Enhancement/Reconstruction of Remote Sensing Imagery},

   author={Atoche, A Castillo and Marrufo, O Palma and Cetina, R Quijano and Espinosa-Romero, A and Mendez, M Maya},



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In this study, an implementation of a Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) system for real time image enhancement /reconstruction of remote sensing (RS) imagery is presented. The system is comprised in three stages: first, a gyro-stabilized mechatronic platform for the image acquisition is developed; second, the multispectral images are transmitted via RF to ground station; and finally, based on the application of parallel computing techniques, the Robust Adaptive Space Filter (RASF) Regularization algorithm is employed using Graphic Processor Units (GPUs). Experimental validation of the presented approach demonstrates the real time processing capabilities of the KAP system for the enhancement/reconstruction of large-scale remote sensing images.
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