Real-time and Realistic Simulation of Large-scale Deep Ocean Wave Foams Based on GPU

Lihui Zhang, Cuiying Guo, Yong Tang, Mengya Lv, Ying Li, Jing Zhao
The College of Information Science and Engineering, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao 066004, China
Journal of Computational Information Systems 10: 7, 2821-2828, 2014


   title={Real-time and Realistic Simulation of Large-scale Deep Ocean Wave Foams Based on GPU},

   author={ZHANG, Lihui and GUO, Cuiying and TANG, Yong and LV, Mengya and LI, Ying and ZHAO, Jing},

   journal={Journal of Computational Information Systems},






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Using tiled small patches construct deep ocean surface, which greatly reduce the calculation, is a very common approach in ocean simulation. But it leads foams on surface to obviously repetitive artifacts. We proposed a dynamic threshold condition based on global coordinates that control and reduce the periodic repetition. Using FFT method generate a small patch of ocean on GPU, tile the patch construct whole ocean further. Dynamic threshold is used to determine whether show foam at every point on surface. Control color and transparency of the points in order to deal with issues triggered by new condition, like boundary hard-edge or rough foam texture, etc. Experiments base on osgOcean show that our method achieves realistic real-time ocean foams simulation without significant increase in space and time complexity.
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