Implementation of a distributed real-time video panorama pipeline for creating high quality virtual views

Ragnar Langseth
Department of Informatics, University of Oslo
University of Oslo, 2014


   title={Implementation of a distributed real-time video panorama pipeline for creating high quality virtual views},

   author={Langseth, Ragnar},



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Today, we are continuously looking for more immersive video systems. Such systems, however, require more content, which can be costly to produce. A full panorama, covering regions of interest, can contain all the information required, but can be difficult to view in its entirety. In this thesis, we discuss a method for creating virtual views from a cylindrical panorama, allowing multiple users to create individual virtual cameras from the same panorama video. We discuss how this method can be used for video delivery, but emphasize on the creation of the initial panorama. The panorama must be created in real-time, and with very high quality. We design and implement a prototype recording pipeline, installed at a soccer stadium, as a part of the Bagadus project. We describe a pipeline capable of producing 4K panorama videos from five HD cameras, in real-time, with possibilities for further upscaling. We explain how the cylindrical panorama can be created, with minimal computational cost and without visible seams. The cameras of our prototype system record video in the incomplete Bayer format, and we also investigate which debayering algorithms are best suited for recording multiple high resolution video streams in real-time.
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