Tri-Hybrid Computational Fluid Dynamics on DOE’s Cray XK7, Titan

Aaron Vose, Brian Mitchell, John Levesque
GE Global Research
Cray User Group, 2014


   title={Tri-Hybrid Computational Fluid Dynamics},

   author={Vose, Aaron and Mitchell, Brian and Levesque, John},



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A tri-hybrid port of General Electric’s in-house, 3D, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code TACOMA is created utilizing MPI, OpenMP, and OpenACC technologies. This new port targets improved performance on NVidia Kepler accelerator GPUs, such as those installed in the world’s second largest supercomputer, Titan, the Department of Energy’s 27 petaFLOP Cray XK7 located at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. We demonstrate a 1.4x speed improvement on Titan when the GPU accelerators are enabled. We highlight key optimizations and techniques used to achieve these results. These optimizations enable larger and more accurate simulations than were previously possible with TACOMA, which not only improves GE’s ability to create higher performing turbomachinery blade rows, but also provides "lessons learned" which can be applied to the process of optimizing other codes to take advantage of tri-hybrid technology with MPI, OpenMP, and OpenACC.
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