The Implementation of a Real-Time Polyphase Filter

Karel Adamek, Jan Novotny, Wes Armour
Institute of Physics, Faculty of Philosophy and Science, Silesian University in Opava, Bezrucovo nam. 13, CZ-74601 Opava, Czech Republic
arXiv:1411.3656 [cs.DC], (12 Nov 2014)



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In this article we study the suitability of different computational accelerators for the task of real-time data processing. The algorithm used for comparison is the polyphase filter, a standard tool in signal processing and a well established algorithm. We measure performance in FLOPs and execution time, which is a critical factor for real-time systems. For our real-time studies we have chosen a data rate of 6.5GB/s, which is the estimated data rate for a single channel on the SKAs Low Frequency Aperture Array. Our findings how that GPUs are the most likely candidate for real-time data processing. GPUs are better in both performance and power consumption.
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