Parallel Neutrino Triggers using GPUs for an underwater telescope

Bachir Bouhadef, Mauro Morganti, Giuseppe Terreni
INFN, Sezione di Pisa, Polo Fibonacci, Largo B. Pontecorvo 3, 56127 Pisa, Italy
arXiv:1411.3968 [physics.ins-det], (14 Nov 2014)



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Graphics Processing Units are high performance co-processors originally intended to improve the use and the acceleration of computer graphics applications. Because of their performance, researchers have extended their use beyond the computer graphics scope. We have investigate the possibility of implementing and speeding up online neutrino trigger algorithms in the KM3Net-It experiment using a CPU-GPU system. The results of a neutrino trigger simulation on NEMO Phase II tower and a KM3-It 14 floors Tower are reported.
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