Scaling behavior of topologically constrained polymer rings in a melt

Benjamin Trefz, Peter Virnau
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Department of Physics, Staudingerweg 7, 55128 Mainz, Germany
arXiv:1412.4516 [cond-mat.soft], (15 Dec 2014)



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Large scale molecular dynamics simulations on graphic processing units (GPUs) are employed to study the scaling behavior of ring polymers with various topological constraints in melts. Typical sizes of rings containing $3_1$, $5_1$ knots and catenanes made up of two unknotted rings scale like $N^{1/3}$ in the limit of large ring sizes $N$. This is consistent with the crumpled globule model and similar findings for unknotted rings. For small ring lengths knots occupy a significant fraction of the ring. The scaling of typical ring sizes for small $N$ thus depends on the particular knot type and the exponent is generally larger than 0.4.
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