A Novel Implementation of QuickHull Algorithm on the GPU

Jiayin Zhang, Gang Mei, Nengxiong Xu, Kunyang Zhao
School of Engineering and Technology, China University of Geosciences, 100083, Beijing, China
arXiv:1501.04706 [cs.CG], (20 Jan 2015)


   title={A Novel Implementation of QuickHull Algorithm on the GPU},

   author={Zhang, Jiayin and Mei, Gang and Xu, Nengxiong and Zhao, Kunyang},






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We present a novel GPU-accelerated implementation of the QuickHull algorithm for calculating convex hulls of planar point sets. We also describe a practical solution to demonstrate how to efficiently implement a typical Divide-and-Conquer algorithm on the GPU. We highly utilize the parallel primitives provided by the library Thrust such as the parallel segmented scan for better efficiency and simplicity. To evaluate the performance of our implementation, we carry out four groups of experimental tests using two groups of point sets in two modes on the GPU K20c. Experimental results indicate that: our implementation can achieve the speedups of up to 10.98x over the state-of-art CPU-based convex hull implementation Qhull [16]. In addition, our implementation can find the convex hull of 20M points in about 0.2 seconds.
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