Fast GPU-based calculations in few-body quantum scattering

V.N. Pomerantsev, V.I. Kukulin, O.A. Rubtsova, S.K. Sakhiev
Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Leninskie gory 1(2), Moscow, 119991, Russia
arXiv:1508.07441 [physics.comp-ph], (29 Aug 2015)


   title={Fast GPU-based calculations in few-body quantum scattering},

   author={Pomerantsev, V.N. and Kukulin, V.I. and Rubtsova, O.A. and Sakhiev, S.K.},






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A principally novel approach towards solving the few-particle (many-dimensional) quantum scattering problems is described. The approach is based on a complete discretization of few-particle continuum and usage of massively parallel computations of integral kernels for scattering equations by means of GPU. The discretization for continuous spectrum of a few-particle Hamiltonian is realized with a projection of all scattering operators and wave functions onto the stationary wave-packet basis. Such projection procedure leads to a replacement of singular multidimensional integral equations with linear matrix ones having finite matrix elements. Different aspects of the employment of a multithread GPU computing for fast calculation of the matrix kernel of the equation are studied in detail. As a result, the fully realistic three-body scattering problem above the break-up threshold is solved on an ordinary desktop PC with GPU for a rather small computational time.
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